Franchon Crews-Dezurn wins UNDISPUTED

Canelo Alvarez you got a 168 undisputed company Franchon Crew-Dezurn as The Diva left Elin Cederros to a bloody mess to capture the Super Middleweight Undisputed crown.

From the 1st bell, Dezurn pressure and pace was unmatched. Erin Corner could not control the bleeding or better yet Erin couldn’t stop Dezurn from landing power shots after power shots. Erin Did come along in the later rounds as Dezurn stamina started affecting her momentum. But as true champions do they dig deep and finish what they started.

Whats next? Shadasia Green The knockout Artist from New Jersey is a promosing Mega fight. for Dezurn it will not get easy. To get there is tough but to stay on top is even tougher.

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