Keith Thurman Performance & Sales Pitch Vs Mario Barrios will Redirect Fans to its Original plan. THURMAN VS SPENCE

Keith Thurman the former P4P WBC, WBA unified welterweight champion is finally back vs Former WBA (Reg) Junior welterweight World Champion on FOX Sports PBC Pay-Per-View Saturday, February 5 from Michelob ULTRA Arena at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. 

Thurman has not been in the ring since his first defeat vs Manny Pacquiao on July 27th 2019. The world has changed since due to the unfortunate breakout out of Covid 19. Yep it’s been that long. Thurman last fight was pre pandemic. Thurman who once was regarded Top dog of the welterweight division been struggling to stay injured and surgery free. Boxing fans sometimes forget how taxing this sport is. The months of preparation alone will leave a long lasting affect on the body than a 36 minute 12 round bout. It went from Errol Spence and Terrace Crawford claiming the 147 ladder to get to Thurman, To Thurman Claiming a familiar ladder to get to them. Several years ago Both Terence Crawford and Errol Spence on separate interviews on ESPN on First Take was both asked. Who is your legacy fight? Both replied Keith Thurman. Now Thurman today may not be Top Dog, but ask yourself, who’s done anything more significant than Thurman in the welterweight division out of the two or anyone else from active fighters? With a victory over Mario Barrios Thurman will insert himself back as part of the 3 headed monsters. 

During the recent virtual Press Conference Thurman said “In 2019, I fought Manny Pacquiao because that was the most exciting thing I could do then. Once I’m comfortable in this return, I’m coming for greatness. We know we’ve fallen from the ladder and we’re looking up. That’s okay, because we’re going to take it one step at a time to get back to where we were, in the top spot of the welterweight division.”

Keith Thurman is arguably one of the best self promoting Boxers today. Thurman never disappointed any network in terms of viewership or PPV buys. From over 3-4 million estimated viewership vs Ghost Guerrero (NBC) vs Shawm Porter (Showtime) vs Josesito Lopez (Fox) 5.1 million views vs Danny Garcia (CBS) and 600k+ PPV BUYS vs Manny Pacquiao. No one can deny Thurman always delivers and will deliver successful numbers in his anticipation return February 5th. With many wanting Crawford vs Spence let’s not forget at this moment in time Crawford is a free agent while Spence and Thurman is linked to PBC and Managed and Advised by Al Haymon. In the end it’s prize fighting and still today the most lucrative and marinated fight for PBC is Keith Thurman vs Errol Spence. 

Keith Thurman performance and selling pitch will direct the boxing world to the original plan if all goes Thurman way vs Mario Barrios. 

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