Kali Reis defeats Jessica Camara in a controversial win.

Kali Reis 19-7-5ko got more than tested. Many felt it could have gone Jessica Camara’s 8-3-0ko way. A sensational display of heart and guts by both modern day warriors and gladiators.

Kali Reis came out blazing in the the 2nd round which wanted to catch The inexperience Camara off guard or Rhythm. But Camara whether the storm and was delivering masterful left hooks. Reis abandon her jab and control of distance. It was a Camara pace and style thri out the early and middle rounds fight. Both ladies took eachothers best shots.

Reis rallied to win the last 2 rounds which Canara was cut and hurt in the 10th. Reis manage to close the show and secure the victory.

Now off to a undisputed showdown February 2022 vs Chantelle Cameron. A future rematch would be awesome for Camara tho.

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