Demetrius Andrade the NOTORIOUSLY MOST AVOIDED fighter will take his frustration vs Jason Quigley and bound to make a statement 

Demetrius Andrade still continues to be the most avoided fighter of its generation heading to his bout Friday night in Manchester New Hampshire vs Jason Quigley. 

Andrade who commended Quigley for being the few to want to share the ring with him since others in the prestige middleweight division either looking for a Canelo Golden ticket or co signing the outdated narrative such as “Andrade is boring” Andrade has not fought anyone” “high risk low reward” “Nobody knows Andrade” etc and continue to avoid Demetrius Andrade

Yesterday after the final press conference Punsh & Andrade chopped it up which Andrade did not hold back his frustration. “If everybody knows me as nobody knows me, than I guess everybody knows me.” Demetrius Andrade was a decorated amateur And at the time #1 in America. Andradein as a pro is a 2 division world champion. Let’s quit the b.s. ALL his contemporaries knows who Demetrius Andrade is and what he’s capable of doing in that ring.

Jason Quigley express knowing of Demetrius Andrade ever since the amateur while living in Chicago. Jason Quigley understands Andrade frustration and said he would too if he were to be in that position yet his destiny is to become World Champion. 

Quigley is willing to do 2 things which not many men are willing to do. 1. Step in the ring with Andrade 2. Win. Unfortunately For Demetrius Andrade with a win vs Jason Quigley. He will continue to be avoided. 

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