Deontay Wilder EXCUSES “makes him a weaker character, man, and fighter” saids Tyson Fury

Finally Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury trilogy is less than a week away and for many hoping this is the last these two Giants compete vs one another. Leading up to this trilogy and the build up, Drained many fans. For the past 18 months the boxing world was subjected to Deontay Wilder’s allegations and what most people felt, a large amount of “Excuses” towards Tyson Fury, the incompetent of Nevada state commission and even his own corner such as ex trainer Mark Breland of tampering with Wilder’s water. 

Wilder turned off many fans including present and past fighters. On top of that, the boxing world was anticipating which many believed was the most important fight in boxing. The heavyweight undisputed bout featuring Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua which was derailed by the arbitration ruling which Fury who was trying to runaway from his rematch clause wouldn’t be Allowed to run much further yet face Wilder for the 3rd time. 

Tyson Fury during the virtual press conference spoke about Wilder’s allegations. “I don’t really make much of the excuses that were flying around for so long. I think they just made him a weaker character and less of a man and less of a fighter, because when you get beat, you get beat. Shake the man’s hand and move on. Lots of fighters have lost. Muhammad Ali lost fights, Mike Tyson lost fights. It’s what they do after they lose that makes them who they are. I don’t really have a lot to say about what Deontay Wilder was saying. It’s none of my concern because when some people lose, they have to make up an excuse for why they lost and that’s what Wilder’s reason is for convincing himself about whatever happened. That’s up to him, so good luck to him in the fight, and we’ll see if he can do anything better.” Wilder no matter how he felt transpired on their rematch. Will have to focus and execute the plan new trainer Malik Scott have drawn. 

Wilder stated  “I appreciate the love from my true fans. I’ve received so many messages from people of all walks of life. Now we’re back again for redemption and retaliation on October 9. The BombZquad is back.

“This has hands down been the best training camp I’ve had in my entire career. Sometimes you need events to happen in life to bring about changes that you need. We’ve had no distractions and I’m just in a happy state mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.” Fury is highly confident in which he can beat Wilder whether by via Slugfest or out boxing. Wilder will have to show a new level of confidence, and a new level of approach. 

Wilder can not let Fury set the tone with supreme faints or Wilder will be in for a long, while rather a short night, yet Wilder got the equalizer to make it a short night for everyone. 

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