Canelo Alvarez vs Caleb Plant UNDISPUTED and CHAOS leading up to the fight is what BOXING desperately NEEDS.

The boxing world still buzzing over the Canelo Alvarez vs Caleb Plant press conference chaos. From the trash talk to the scuffle. The energy of this magnitude of this undisputed fight, is what’s needed. A bad blood atmosphere. While many may feel boxing is not where it use to be. Canelo and Plant showed us, where boxing needs to be. The best fighting the best and promoting they way a mega fight should be promoted. Drama sells and those who witness it automatically was sold.  

Round 1 was already on display yet Canelo and plant was the only one that heard the bell. Words were exchanged during their face off. Canelo shoved Plant so hard it almost got him off stage, Plant try to countered with a left open hand hook, Canelo slipped the slap and countered with a straight left which landed and cut Plant and follow with a over right smack that landed on the neck. We witnesses a good old smack boxing like the fellas in the inner cities. This settled doen but the trash talk kept its elevation by both camps. Many felt Canelo won the slap boxing contest and also many feel Canelo will Defeat Plant to become the 1st Undisputed Mexican and 1st super middleweight undisputed ever, Plant had a message to many who doubt him tho.

“I know that people don’t believe me when I tell them I’m winning on November 6. All those people who tell me that I can’t do something, you live believable lives and you do believable things. I promised myself that I was going to run this all the way to the top, with no problem crashing and burning along the way. I set out to live an unbelievable life and accomplish unbelievable things. Those people who doubt me are the very reason that I’m here. 

There is levels to everything and when we talking about the sport of boxing, Canelo is the bar when it comes to today’s boxing. The cashcow, the 4 division world champion and regarded as pound 4 pound #1. “Caleb might be on the same level as Billy Joe Saunders and Callum Smith, but he’s not on my level. I respect that he isn’t here to back down. You can see from today that this is definitely going to be a good fight”. Saids Canelo. 

Caleb Plant who is the ibf champion will for the first time in a while, Will not be subjected to the ibf 10 pounds rehydration limit, which means Plant will definitely be the strongest and more comfortable Plant we’ve seen. With former pound 4 pound legend Andre Ward being a tutor to plant in preparation for this bout. Plant and hiring prestige strength and conditioning coach Larry Wade. Plant is doing all the necessary things to prepare for the fight of his life mentally and physically. Plant states “Being undisputed would mean a lot. I’ve sacrificed so much to this sport and I’ve been doing this a long time. All that work would come down to one moment. I want my name in those history books and that’s the only reason that I’m here.” 

Boxing is alive and well especially when the cash cow of boxing Canelo Alvarez is seasoned and fight regularly to keep the eyeballs in boxing and fighting legacy after legacy fights. “To be undisputed is history for Mexico and for everyone on my team. To be the undisputed champion is just a great thing for my career.”

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