Vitor Belfort gives motivational Advice to Claressa Shields & others pursuing to be great in UNCHARTED TERRITORY.

Vitor Belfort one of the greatest MMA fighters ever, gave motivational advice to arguably the greatest Female fighter ever Claressa Shields and others who is pursuing greatness in uncharted territory.

In reference to the transission from boxing to MMA, Belfort states “I think is going to be harder not impossible. I dont think nothing is impossible in this life. You just got to work hard, you keep pushing the invincible wall and you will be right where you need to be God willing.”

Belfort also touched on giving valuable advice “i wish i can sell advice i will make a lot of money.”

Belfort advice to Claressa and to all who seek greatness in uncharted territory is “Work Hard, believe you can do it. Stay away form people that just want to be part of your success. Identify the people thats really invested in your success, i think thats the key. Identify the people on what they can do FOR you or want FROM you, you got to know that from the beginning.”

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