Angel Contreras unanimous decision WIN vs John Dato. Beautiful Uppercut put Dato down in the 3rd rd.

Historically Mexico vs Philippines produce the best entertaining wars in boxing and John Dato (filipino) vs Angel Contreras gave us just that from start to finish.

Contreras (10-4-6 ko) who came as the underdog, won a unanimous Decision by dishing out power shot after power shots. every time Dato landed punches of his own, Contreras made sure to the one to finish the exchanges.

The Featherweights went Back and forth 1st bell to the last. Contreras put Dato’s butt on the canvas with a beautiful uppercut in the 3rd round. As the fight went on both was not backing up from each other. when one answers the other answers back. but Contreras’s power shots had more resistants the round when on, and corner couldn’t stop Dato” bloody nose that wouldn’t stop leaking.

Contreras snapped Dato 14-0-1 undefeated streak.

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