Manny Pacquiao ongoing career keeps Floyd Mayweather retirement unaccepted

Manny Pacquiao a living legend, Walking hall of Famer, 8 division world champion 5 lineal who will be fighting Errol Spence August 21st will always be attached to Floyd Mayweather vise versa. Basically the way The late 2pac & Biggie Smalls names will always be linked up when discussing their music and career. Floyd Mayweather who is retired still being critiqued like if he was an active fighter and is only because Manny Pacquiao is still active and fighting stiff competition.

 “Look who Pac fighting and look at who Mayweather fighting, a YouTuber” which many fight fans have shouted. Hello!!!! Earth to fight fans. Floyd Mayweather is RETIIIIRED. I believe this is what many fans just can’t accept. Floyd’s retired. The real question is, why fans don’t want to accept it? 

Since Muhammad Ali we haven’t seen nothing like the most respected fighter being the most hated. No athlete has capitalize off hate like Floyd Mayweather. That explains how sick the world is. That an athlete who embodied “Hard work dedication” and accomplished so much could be disgustingly hated like this. Sure Mayweather created a Villian character which he also elaborated was created to sell. People have yet to separate the real from the “money may” persona. 

Floyd Mayweather’s relevancy will last as long as Manny Pacquiao keeps on fighting. The more success Pacquiao earns by beating the best this era has to offer, The more special Mayweather win vs Pacquiao is, hate it or love it. How many times both have to answer the rhetorical question of, will they fight each other again.   Maybe the reason the questions are asked is because torches has not been passed. Errol Spence is the man to put to rest this Pacquiao vs Mayweather rematch fever.  Yet will he fail like Keith Thurman? Manny Pacquiao is one fighter that is hard to bet against. 

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