Oscar De La Hoya TAMPERING with Prestige Legacy by making his fight vs Vitor Belford an OFFICIAL bout (NO EXHIBITION) Sept 11th

Oscar De La Hoya tampering with his prestige legacy by officially coming out of retirement to fight MMA legend Vitor Belford in a REAL boxing bout which will be added to his record. 

Hoya which have master the art of boxing in and out the ring with his successful promotional Company Golden Boy promotion which still producing Potential Cash Cows in the sport of boxing such as Vergil Ortiz & Ryan Garcia, is basically putting the only aspect of his Respect he hands down still got in his life and that’s his Boxing Legacy as a fighter. 

Hoya has criticized Floyd Mayweather for doing the same thing he will be doing September 11th. Fighting an MMA fighter with no boxing experience and sanctioning it as an official bout.  Why not leave it as an exhibition is the question Hoya will have to answer. 

For the past 15 years Hoya has contemplating returning to the ring but usually it never materialized. It became sort a promotional tactics to promote an upcoming event for one of his fighters leading up to its event. Oscar De La Hoya who in the height of his career was clean cut image athlete and a baby face yet that was dealing with his own darkness when the camera was off. Hoya admitted in several occasions that he suffered from substance abuse. One which sticks out was the photo of him wearing a lingerie while he was high as a kite. Also the defamation of character towards Hoya by many boxing personnel with in the industry. High profile Ex fighters, Promoters, partners, current fighters even Dana White has publicly dissed Hoya. Just recently Canelo Alvarez stated “Look, I don’t like to talk much about people, but I’ve been a very loyal person, always. And I was very loyal, always with Golden Boy. [De La Hoya] is not Golden Boy. He doesn’t do anything in Golden Boy. He’s worried about drinking, and being involved in other things… The decisions are made by other people. When Richard Schaefer left Golden Boy, he took all the boxers to PBC. He took all of them. And he also wanted to take me – and I was the only boxer that stayed with Golden Boy, because I’m a loyal man. But then, later I understood why everyone had gone and why Richard Schaefer left. Because those who are in Golden Boy, they are only looking after their own benefit, not the boxer’s benefit.” 

Hoya has become a mark man or some kind of a villian. A baby face that has become the heel in boxing (using wwe terms) 

Hate him or love him one thing that nobody can’t deny is that Oscar as a fighter did everything you wanted from a fighter. His legacy as a fighter is untouched with disrespect until now when he tampers with it by sanctioning an official bout vs Vitor Belford. 

Is legacy important anymore for those who hold a prestige legacy? Floyd Mayweather stated recently “kids don’t eat legacy.” Oscar stated after Ryan Garcia win vs Luke Campbell that the belt holders and Champion at lightweight like the likes of Teofimo Lopez , Devin Haney, Loma needs to chase Ryan. Huh champions chasing non champions? Is Legacy even important anymore? Why tamper with a prestige legacy with a circus. Something Hoya once called it before he thought of engaging of one of his own. 

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