Keith Thurman hits HARDER than Errol Spence saids Danny Garcia

Errol Spence will be fighting the living legend 8 division world champion Manny Pacquiao August 21st and many boxing fans, analysts and pugilist will do their best to break this fight down from strength to weaknesses how one is going to neutralize the other.
Danny Garcia had a recent interview with Nester Gibbs host of THA BOXING VOICE and was asked to compare Errol Spence power to Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia replied

“He’s the strongest fighter I ever fought, physically. Just physically trying to walk you down, you feel him in front of you. He’s long but he’s not the biggest puncher, though. Thurman’s a harder hitter than him. Yeah, Thurman punches harder than him. Thurman has more of that thump. Spence has that, he’ll break you down.”

Now power is not everything, it will take More than Power to beat Manny Pacquiao or Errol Spence or any other top Welterweights today. Danny Garcia is not the only one who has alluded to Thurman having more power than Spence. Two other fighters who have competed against Spence said the same, Shawn Porter & Leanord Bundu.

Many did question Spence Power when he couldn’t stop Mickey Garcia who was coming up 2 weight classes up to fight Spence yet what Spence did show is he could definitely have the quality to outbox a pound 4 pound technician like Mickey Garcia. All the skillset and attributes will have to be on display to beat Manny Pacquiao who is not your normal 42 year old man yet a Freak of nature which his age should be irrelevant in assessing this fight.

Spence the most high volume puncher in the division with great power resistance in the later rounds and physically big with elite pedigree has a great chance to beat Pac-Man. At this point Pac skills and talent is self explanatory. Pacquiao is the bar. He hold the torch and he’s is not willing to just hand it to anyone. Spence will have to go thru Fire to get it.

The Truth vs nothing but the Truth. Let’s see if Spence could capitalize what Thurman couldn’t. But let’s not neglect that a Thurman vs Spence will still need to take place in the near future.

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