Gervonta Davis DEMOLISHES Mario Barrios 11th rd K.O after MAYWEATHER yells at him “you’re losing.”

Gervonta Davis Power is as real as it gets. Davis once again showcase his freakish power knocking out Mario Barrios in the 11th round after Mayweather crash the corner and steps on Calvin Ford (Tank’s Head Trainer) toes, yells and gives Tank instructions while telling him that he’s losing the fight. Gervonta Davis stepped his foot on the gas and each punch thrown was with Bad intentions.

Floyd Mayweather who’ opinion of the sweet science is a blessing to have in your corner yet it’s different when you are not the one that ran the training camp in preparation for this bout nor you don’t know the strength and weaknesses quite like the man that has spend practically Tank’s whole boxing life like Calvin Ford. It must be hard for Davis to genuinely listen to two respected voices yet different opinions and strategies to adjust in a crucial time. Literally one minute in a intense fight.

Do Mayweather respects Calvin Ford? Or is he protecting his investments by any means necessary. Is it even legal for a promoter to tap the fighters gloves by giving him instructions while rules states there should only be 3 people in that corner? The head trainer, the 2nd and the cut man. What the hell is Floyd Mayweather doing. Oops he’s Floyd, who’s going to tell him anything? Ford is an awkward situation. But that’s something both Floyd and Davis will have to figure out.

Mayweather after the fight also stated that Davis will not fight fighters outside of Mayweather promotion/PBC banner WOW!!! There goes the fights the public want to see Tank in Vs names like Teofimo Lopez, Ryan Garcia, Josh Taylor, Devin Haney, Shakur Stevenson.
Tank is willing to fight anyone but the question was answered. Mayweather Promotion not willing to put Tank in there with who the fans want to see him in the ring with.

It was a great turnout in Atlanta Georgia. Celebrities was out and they left the arena getting their money’s worth. Davis is a star in boxing, is no denying that. But it’s time to put him in fights that will establish his potential spot in the Hall of Fame. He is that special. Do his team believe he is? That’s the question.

One thought on “Gervonta Davis DEMOLISHES Mario Barrios 11th rd K.O after MAYWEATHER yells at him “you’re losing.”

  1. Good articles and website. I see how over the last several months you’re growing and creating new avenue for yourself. I don’t always agree with you initially but I listen to your perspectives and read them as well , weigh them against my own and often times I see your point and I’m able to understand you and where you are coming from. I do have a suggestion have someone edit your pieces just to fix up the minor mistakes. No hate or disrespect. Keep doing your thing and providing your commentary, logically,unbiased and objectively.


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