Jermall Charlo defeats Juan Montiel GREAT entertainment yet LEGACY still in a standstill until he fights Demetrius Andrade

Jermall Charlo defeated Juan Montiel in an action packed war. Jermell Charlo represented Juneteenth very well and now a unification showdown with GGG or Demetrius Andrade or come move up and fight David Benavidez is highly possible and needed. 

Many didn’t give Montiel a chance but not because he’s not good but because nobody is satisfied with any of opponents not named GGG, Demetrius Andrade, David Benavidez, Canelo Alvarez but let’s not take nothing away from this exciting performance Jermall Charlo displayed.

Charlo in the post fight interview gave credit to a Montiel and the adjustments that he made during the fight in which Jermell Charlo also had to make an adjustment. Montiel was not going away without a fight and he impress many in the boxing world  with his grit and heart. Boxing has great momentum right now Juneteenth had four major events one major event was canceled due to Teofimo Lopez Jr testing positive for COVID-19. Even though with all these events and compromising the fans from which event they going to tune into, this was good for Boxing. Free TV, no pay-per-view event except for Julio Cesar Chavez Junior who was defeated by legend Anderson Silva. 

Boxing overall little by little trying to regain the golden age of the sport and with these type of action packed Fights Regardless of the opponent which Charlo was fighting. This type of fight and entertainment lure going fans into the sport of Boxing once again and elevate itself back as major sport in America. 

The middleweight division is a prestige division with prestige skillful fighters holding championship belts.  It’s time especially Now t Charlo is 32 years old, It’s fair to say he’s heading to the back end of his prime career. it’s time to unify the titles and see who’s the best middleweight fighter once and for all. Andrade vs Charlo should be next by any means necessary. Legacy, Money, belts, fans yearning for it. It’s a WIN-WIN 

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