Devin Haney PASSED TEST vs Linares yet FAILED to make STATEMENT

Devin Haney defeated former 3 division world champion Jorge linares this past Saturday in which Haney answered several questions coming into this fight. Will he pass the test? Will he make a statement in which co-promoter Matchroom boxing Eddie Hearn was alluding to leading up to the fight? Did his power increased? Yes Haney passed the test. Nope his power still questionable and No he did not make a statement, yet his approach and intentions of making that statement was evident. 

Haney for the 1st half of the fight was putting nothing short of a clinic. Elite Jab, doubling the jab, jabbing the solo plexus, straight right hands, left hook even connecting on solid uppercuts. Accuracy was great and surprisingly Haney was the one taking it to Jorge Linares by exposing his will, pushing him against the ropes especially in the mid rounds especially the 6th round, it was a brand new Haney. Yet of course with risk you are subjected to be countered. Linares & Haney at one point was going hook for hook. 10th round came and Haney got hit & stunned with a flush right hand which send Haney dancing Salsa back to his corner.

Haney spend practically the whole 11th rd regaining his legs back consistently holding to survive and fully regain his legs midway the 12 rd which Jorge Linares made great account of himself taking the championship rounds. 

Haney won a unanimous decision with 2 judges scoring it 116-112 and one judge scoring 115-113. Haney proved to all that he can take a punch sustain it and surviving in a veteran like manner. In the end of the day a win is a win and Haney learned more about himself. He learned that he can survive. Haney power is still a question and it will be especially if he’s planning to move up to 140. 

Haney last 2 opponents were 2 respected veterans yet both are highly familiar with the canvas in which Haney did not introduce them to a familiar place. If Haney can’t drop nor hurt fighters which are described as “chinny” imagine those fighters with a solid chins? Haney still 22yrs of age and far from a finish product. 

Is Haney ready for the Undisputed lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez? Haney is ready to challenge anyone at lightweight yet the real question does he have the attributes to beat The hard hitting high iq dangerous Lopez, that’s up in the air. The momentum that Lopez is carrying is hard to see anyone beating Lopez especially after outboxing arguably the best pound 4 pound boxer in the world Vasyl Lomachenko. 

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