Canelo Alvarez a walking Hall of famer, 4 division world Champion, pound 4 pound #1, Boxing’s cash cow and one belt away (IBF held by Caleb Plant) to become Super middleweight UNDISPUTED champion of the world. Canelo Send the world a message Saturday night in Dallas, Texas arguably the new Mecca of boxing after he made Billy Joe Saunders retire on his stool after Canelo delivered an epic counter uppercut which shattered Saunders Orbital Bone which currently He’s in the hospital while doctors perform emergency surgery. That BOXING IS NOT DEAD but very much ALIVE. 

Canelo Alvarez have fought and beaten basically every style there is in boxing. Southpaws, Orthodox, Prime fighters, legends, tall, small, every damn size you can think of. Has dared to be great by moving up when fought the likes of Sergey Kovalev. Fought the most dangerous man in boxing at the time GGG. Fought one of the slickest fighter in Daniel Jacobs. Cuban sensational fighter in Lara, Puerto Rican legend in Miguel Cotto, Legend in Shame Mosley of course fought and lost a split Vs Floyd Mayweather at the age of 23 which probably that might have been the biggest blessing because that shaped him up to be the machine he is today. 

Canelo Alvarez hands down is the KING of boxing. Fans who maybe frustrated in terms of fighters not challenging themselves like the past warriors. “Fighters DON’T fight enough.” “Fighter only fight for the money.” Etc. Canelo delivers the opposite of what boxing fans are frustrated about. 

Canelo has fought 3 times in the span of 5-6 months and on his way to fight in September 2021 Which will be 4 fights, 3 championship unification bouts in the 10 months. Talk about retro fighter. Canelo Alvarez may not be Karl Malone but he sure is boxing’s Mail man cause he delivers constantly and right on time. Thus not making us wait 5-6 years for a GGG showdown. 

Canelo also has evolutionized Mexican style fighting with the help of young and extraordinary Trainer Eddy Reynoso. Is nothing Canelo can not do in that square circle and what makes him scarier and special, he’s only 30 years of age on his way to accomplish what not even Floyd Mayweather accomplished nor the great 8 division world champion Manny Pacquiao has. UNDISPUTED!!! 

Canelo is in his prime in which his physical ability and intellect is coexisting at the highest level. No one is as seasoned nor has this epic momentum in boxing. 

Canelo is just on another level and he got there by hard work dedication not phased by his silk sheets. Canelo as always will be back in the gym adding more tools in the tool box in 1-2 weeks. Canelo at this point is in competition with himself. 

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