Keith Thurman “Errol Spence is not the TRUTH till he fights me.”

Keith Thurman former unified welterweight champion is now interested in the current unified undefeated welterweight champion of the world Errol Spence. Oh noooooow Mr. 1 time is highly interested. In recent interview with THA BOXING VOICE. Thurman stated that “Spence fought the guys i handle first (leonard Bundu, Shawn Porter, Danny Garcia) why don’t he want to handle “the handler” Keith Thurman.”

Spence has been calling out Thurman for a pretty long time yet in the sport of boxing a real callout is when paper work it send to the opposition team. Whether a term sheet or contract. Facts is Al Haymon which is adversor and manager to both, never handed each a contract with their names on it. Thus making Spence constant callouts and Thurman current callouts IRRELEVANT. Yet it does not mean that Thurman vs Spence is not the most lucrative fight to make in the pbc umbrella.

Thurman inactivity and injuries has been very detrimental to highly potential hall of fame career. Thurman who held 2 world titles WBC & WBA super belt vacated his WBC belt before making his comeback fight after nearly 2 years and defeated Josesito Lopez yet looked very vulnerable. Thurman took that vulnerability momentum to his next fight vs The living legend Manny Pacquiao which Thurman was defeated by the aging Pacquiao. Thurman stated before the Pacquiao fight that he wanted to fight Spence after. Hey we all know there is a saying in boxing, “dont look oass your opponent.” Now Thurman is no longer a champion yet now highly interested in fighting current champions vs WBO Terence Crawford and Errol Spence. The 2 fighters that was calling him out for several years.

Now that the table is turn. Both Champions is giving Thurman a piece of his own medicine. Yet their is one thing both champs cant neglect. None has done substantially more than Keith Thurman in the welterweight division and Keith Thurman may very well be the best name in their resume. Yet of course if Pacquiao decide to fight either of them.

Thurman rep already have send 2 offers (real callout) to CEO of Top Rank promotion Bob Arum which Terence Crawford is signed under which those offers were decline and Now hes banking on Al Haymon to hand him over Errol Spence which Spence has constantly now say he wants no part of Thurman because he still bitter he didn’t get his shot when he “asked” for it. Yet still facts remain Thurman vs Spence may not be the most accomplishable fight For Spence but it is the most LUCRATIVE fight in the PBC umbrella and the best name in Spence resume.

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