Canelo Alvarez Alter ego “CARTELO” has emerged and the boxing world is loving it.  

Canelo Alvarez which for the most part had been layback, humble man of few words, concise speaker during interviews and press conferences while using a translator when need be, to the English speaking fans and his opponents. Have now unleashed his Alter Ego CARTELO. A English speaking machismo Latino with a thick accent, charismatic, sarcastic Big ego, tough guy. CARTELO is a new breath of fresh air in boxing. 

There have been boxers in the past who reinvented themselves by either switching nicknames, personalities or even fighting style. Pretty boy Floyd Mayweather changed to Money May. Kid dynamite Mike Tyson to the baddest man on the planet Mike Tyson. George Foreman the angry big bad man (heel) to George Forman the big teddy bear with a cheesy smile Good guy (baby face) Is new to us the Boxing fans that Canelo is now comfortable speaking English publicly but is not just speaking the language. Canelo whole personality changes when doing so.   

We can’t forget the infamous back and forth smack talk Cartelo and Demetrius Andrade had when Andrade crash the post fight conference after Canelo beat Billy Joe Saunders. “Get the fuck out of here meng” “I know what you want pay day pay day” Canelo charisma and sarcasm when he speak English is amusing. 

With the lack of self promoting Boxers, Cartelo is desperately needed in boxing. It fits Canelo especially in the position that he’s in today as the cash cow of boxing and pound 4 pound #1. The mafioso Canelo. The God father, Tony Montana drug lord Boss character is interesting to watch. The boxing world is not just looking forward to Canelo’s next fight but fans can’t wait to see him engage with his opponents yet we want Cartelo to take over the promotional duties. Let Cartelo do the talking and Canelo do the fighting. And oh boy, did Cartelo did the talking during the press conference to his upcoming Undisputed bout vs Undefeated IBF Super middleweight champion Caleb Plant. Canelo uncharacteristically shoved Plant during their first public face off which plant right after took a swing which Canelo I mean Cartelo, Counter with a straight left which cut Plant and followed with a smack in the back of Plant neck. People broke up the alteration and both men took their seats but the trash talking didn’t stop. 

Plant saids to Cartelo “Miguel Cotto’s brother can make you do the chicken dance but I can’t? Okay. Mark my words, on November 6 you will hear the words, ‘And the new undisputed super middleweight champion,’ but you will also hear the words, ‘and still undefeated. Canelo saids “We come from nothing and we worked hard to be here. For somebody to lie and talk trash about us, that upset Eddy. It is what it is though. We just have to show everyone who we are on November 6.”

“Caleb might be on the same level as Billy Joe Saunders and Callum Smith, but he’s not on my level. I respect that he isn’t here to back down. You can see from today that this is definitely going to be a good fight.” And it most definitely be a great historic fight November 6th. 

One thought on “Canelo Alvarez Alter ego “CARTELO” has emerged and the boxing world is loving it.  

  1. An insecure man will hate on another grate man simple because he don’t understand greatness when they see it they hate it because they can’t achieve it simple as that . Move out the way Dante boxing ,Ego tv,AkHI tv , Fanon, southpaw all this haters move pit the way “Cartelo is here to stay weather you all understand it or not.


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