Manny Pacquiao GREATNESS dictated by his CRAZINESS

Manny Pacquiao has accomplished things in the sport of boxing which no fighter might ever accomplish. 8 division world champion, 5 lineal, respected and love around the world and with all the battles Pacman has had, he is healthy with all his faculties. So why the HELL is Manny Pacquiao still willing to challenge himself at the highest level? What is driving this warrior? Pacquiao got nothing left to prove so the only conclusion I and many could come up with is that he’s just Crazy, loco, psycho in a good way.

How many times has Pacquiao beat the odds? He walked into the boxing industry already beating the odds. Manny Pacquiao may love the taste of blood like a child love the taste of candy. Manny Pacquiao will be facing unified champion Errol Spence on August 21st just 2 years removed from his last bout which he beat than the most accomplished Welterweight at that time Undefeated Keith Thurman in a split decision win. In the 2nd half of that fight we saw a little sign of Father Time creeping yet that body shot which hurt Thurman in the 10th rd put a stop to Thurman’s momentum. Yet even with Thurman success people around boxing felt the most dangerous man was Errol Spence.

Errol Spence resume of late is highly respected beating Shawn Porter than survived a car accident came back to defeat Danny Garcia and now Going to fight Pacman. Back to back to back to back. Both men are taking a great risk.
Yet with this move by Pacquiao it’s a win win situation. Manny Pacquiao got a cemented legacy and he’s already winning just by picking to fight Errol Spence. But if Errol Spence lose will he be put on the shelf like Keith Thurman? We haven’t seen him since.

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